Merge Module Configurable Values Dialog Box

InstallShield 2013 Express Edition

A configurable redistributable is a merge module or an object that has at least one row in the ModuleConfiguration table that is referenced by at least one row in the ModuleSubstitution table. This enables you to change a value in the redistributable.

Displaying the Merge Modules Configurable Values Dialog Box

The Merge Module Configurable Values dialog box is displayed when you select a merge module or object in the Redistributables view that allows configuration. If the redistributable selected is an object, the Merge Module Configurable Values dialog box is displayed when the object wizard finishes.

You can also right-click on a configurable merge module or object and click Configure merge module.

Dialog Box Settings

The dialog box contains a grid in which you can modify the configurable values. The left column contains the name of the configurable value. The right column contains the value options. You can select a new value from the drop-down menu. Refer to the redistributable vendor’s documentation for information about the values.

After you specify the values that you want, click OK to save the new values. When you build your project, these values are used to build the .msi package.

Restore Defaults

Click this button to restore the redistributable’s default settings. All of the configurable values in the redistributable are returned to their defaults.