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If the IFX_PRODUCT_REGISTEREDCOMPANY system variable’s value is not a null string (""), its value is used by the MaintenanceStart function to specify the data in the application uninstallation registry key’s RegCompany value. This registry value provides information about the application to Add or Remove Programs in the Control Panel.

This system variable is initialized to the data in the registry value HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows key\CurrentVersion\RegisteredOrganization, where Windows key is Windows NT if the target operating system is Windows XP or later, or Windows for other Windows operating systems. This system variable’s value is modified by end-user input in the Company Name edit box of the SdRegisterUser, SdRegisterUserEx, SdCustomerInformation, and SdCustomerInformationEx dialogs.

Project: In an InstallScript MSI installation, if the value of IFX_PRODUCT_REGISTEREDCOMPANY is set, the Windows Installer property COMPANYNAME is automatically updated.