InstallShield 2013

Project: This information applies to the following project types:

Basic MSI
InstallScript MSI

Message 1(Error)

The data types for the Version column of the TypeLib table differs from that of the Upgraded image. This will cause a failure to create the patch package.

Message 2(Warning)

The target image was created with Windows Installer 1.2 or previous, and the Upgraded Image was created with Windows Installer 2.0 or later. Although validation did not detect any data type conflicts, creating patches for packages that span this schema inflection point can be problematic.


With the release of Windows Installer 2.0, the schema of the .msi installation package changed. The data type of the Version column in the TypeLib table changed from I2 to I4. It is not possible to patch .msi installations using the old schema with .msi packages using the new schema.

Note: This validator does not apply to major upgrades because the uninstall-and-then-reinstall nature of major upgrades does not lend itself to this type of consideration.

To perform this validation test, the validation engine compares the latest installation to an earlier version of that installation.

Corrective Action

You can still distribute your upgrade as a minor upgrade, however, you will not be able to distribute your upgrade as a patch.