Specifying Whether to Streamline the QuickPatch Package

InstallShield 2013

Project: This information applies to QuickPatch projects.

When you are configuring a QuickPatch project, you have the ability to specify whether you want InstallShield to streamline the creation of your QuickPatch package to build as simple a package as possible. The goal of QuickPatch streamlining is to generate a QuickPatch package that has fewer new subfeatures and custom actions than a non-streamlined QuickPatch package.

For example, if your QuickPatch project includes a new file or registry entry and InstallShield does not use QuickPatch streamlining, InstallShield creates a new subfeature for that file or registry entry. InstallShield also adds one or more prebuilt InstallShield custom actions to work around certain Windows Installer patch requirements. However, if InstallShield does use QuickPatch streamlining, the file or registry entry is added to an existing feature, and no special prebuilt InstallShield custom actions are required.

Note: InstallShield cannot streamline the creation of a QuickPatch package in the following scenarios:

The QuickPatch package removes an installed file.
The QuickPatch package removes or renames a registry key.
The QuickPatch package targets a non-streamlined QuickPatch image. That is, you cannot use QuickPatch streamlining if you select the check box in the History area of the General Information view for a QuickPatch that did not use QuickPatch streamlining. If you try to build a streamlined QuickPatch that targets one or more non-streamlined QuickPatch images, InstallShield displays a build warning, and it does not use streamlining.

Also note that you can apply no more than 15 cumulative, non-streamlined QuickPatch packages to a base .msi package or major upgrade package. If you exceed the limit, error 2701 occurs while you are applying the patch. The exact limit is determined by the depth of the package’s feature tree and the subfeature that each non-streamlined QuickPatch adds to that tree. Windows Installer limits the depth of the feature tree to 16 levels.

A streamlined QuickPatch package does not contain any new subfeatures, so it does not have this limitation.

To specify whether to streamline the QuickPatch package:

1. In the View List under Patch Settings, click General Information.
2. In the General Information explorer, click Build Settings.
3. Click the Advanced tab.
4. In the Streamline QuickPatch setting, select the appropriate option:
To streamline the QuickPatch package, select Yes. This is the default value for new QuickPatch projects.
To avoid streamlining the QuickPatch package, select No.

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