Validating Projects

InstallShield 2013

Validating a project involves applying a set of internal consistency evaluator (ICE) rules to your installation or merge module package. The ICEs are designed to help you determine whether the package contains a valid database that performs its actions correctly. If a package fails one or more ICEs, InstallShield reports the specific ICE rules that were violated and offers additional information to help you troubleshoot the problem.

Microsoft created many of the ICEs that are available in InstallShield; Flexera Software created the custom InstallShield ICEs (ISICEs) that are available for the some of the InstallShield installation and merge module validation suites. The ISICEs help you validate your package against best practices for Windows-based installations.

To learn more about the Windows logo program, visit MSDN.

Edition: The Virtualization Pack includes several sets of validation suites for helping you to determine how ready your products are for virtualization. The InstallShield virtualization internal consistency evaluators (ISVICEs) that are included in these suites let you check suitability for Microsoft App-V 4.x, Microsoft App-V 5.x, Microsoft Server App-V, VMware ThinApp, and Citrix XenApp. The validation suites can enable you to make more informed decisions about how you would build your product if you are considering offering your customers a virtualized version.

The InstallShield Premier Edition includes a set of validators called the InstallShield Best Practice Suite. The InstallShield Best Practice (ISBP) validators in this suite alert you if your installation violates best-practice guidelines.

InstallShield also provides an engine for upgrade and patching validation. You can access this through the Upgrade Validation Wizard.

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