Creating a Dynamic Link

InstallShield 2013

Project: The procedure for creating dynamic file links differs, depending on which project type you are using. Note that parts of the procedure apply to the following Windows Installer–based projects:

Basic MSI
InstallScript MSI
Merge Module

Parts of the procedure apply to the following InstallScript-based projects:

InstallScript Object

You can use the Files and Folders view to create a dynamic link.

To create a dynamic link:

1. In the View List under Application Data, click Files and Folders.
2. In the Add new components to the feature list, select the feature that should contain components with the dynamically linked files.
3. Ensure that components are displayed in the Destination computer’s folders pane.

If components are not displayed: In the Destination computer’s folders pane, right-click Destination Computer and click Show Components (in Windows Installer–based projects) or Show Components and Subfolders (in InstallScript-based projects).

4. For a Windows Installer–based project: right-click a component and click Dynamic File Linking. The Component Properties dialog box opens, and the File Linking tab is displayed.

For an InstallScript-based project: right-click a component and click File Linking. The Link Type dialog box opens.

5. Define the dynamic link and click OK.

Tip: You can also use the Components view to add dynamic file links. For more information, see Adding Dynamic File Links to Components.

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