Specifying the Behavior for an InstallShield Prerequisite that Requires a Restart

InstallShield 2012 Spring

When you are creating a new InstallShield prerequisite or modifying an existing one, you can specify how the InstallShield prerequisite installation should proceed if it appears that the target machine does or does not need to be restarted. For example, in some cases, you may want the installation to first prompt the end user before restarting the machine; in other cases, you may want to skip the restart. The Behavior tab of the InstallShield Prerequisite Editor provides the flexibility needed to carry out the response that is appropriate for each InstallShield prerequisite.

To specify the behavior for an InstallShield prerequisite that requires the target machine to be restarted:

1. In the InstallShield Prerequisite Editor, open the prerequisite that you want to modify.
2. Click the Behavior tab.
3. In the If the prerequisite requires a reboot list, click the appropriate item.

To learn about the available options, see Behavior Tab.

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