Step 2 Panel

InstallShield 2012 Spring » Microsoft .NET Framework Object Wizard

Project: The Microsoft .NET Framework Object Wizard is available in InstallScript projects.

If you select the Include multiple versions of the .NET Framework option on the Step 1 panel of the Microsoft .NET Framework Object Wizard, the Step 2 panel is displayed.

Step 2 Panel Settings



Select the .NET redists to include in the object

Select the check box for each version of the .NET Framework that should be included in the project. Note that the object can install only one version of the .NET Framework at run time.

Allow the object to install a .NET language pack without installing the corresponding .NET Framework.

To allow a language pack to be installed without first installing the corresponding version of the .NET Framework, select this check box.

InstallShield uses this setting to configure the InstallLangPackOnly property for the object. This read-write numeric property indicates whether the object should allow the installation of the language pack without first installing the corresponding version of the .NET Framework, which may occur if the framework is not being included in the object.

By default, if the object is set to install a particular version of the framework and that version of the framework is not included in the object, the object sets a status of DOTNET_STATUS_VERSION_NOT_IN_MEDIA. However, if the InstallLangPackOnly property is set, the object does not set the failure status, which allows the object to install the language pack, if appropriate, without first installing the framework. This property is typically set in the object wizard.

For more information about this object, see the help pane that is displayed when you click the Microsoft .NET Framework Object in the Objects view.

Tip: This object is not installed with InstallShield; you need to download it. For more information, see Obtaining Updates for InstallShield.

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