Step 1 Panel

InstallShield 2012 Spring » Microsoft .NET Framework Object Wizard

Project: The Microsoft .NET Framework Object Wizard is available in InstallScript projects.

The Step 1 panel of the Microsoft .NET Framework Object Wizard lets you specify which versions of the .NET Framework and language packs should be included in your project.

Step 1 Panel Settings



Select the version of .NET to include and install

Select which versions of the .NET Framework should be included in the object.

Use Web downloader version of .NET redistributable

If a Web downloader redistributable and a full package redistributable are available for the selected version of .NET, this check box is enabled. Select this check box if you want to use the Web downloader redistributable.

The Web downloader redistributable is smaller than the full package redistributable, but it requires that the target system have an Internet connection at run time.


Select which platform-specific versions of the .NET Framework should be included in the object.


Specify whether the object should include language packs.

Don't include any language packs—If no language packs should be included, select this option.
Include all appropriate language packs—If the object should include all of the available language packs that are supported by the project, select this option.

For more information about this object, see the help pane that is displayed when you click the Microsoft .NET Framework Object in the Objects view.

Tip: This object is not installed with InstallShield; you need to download it. For more information, see Obtaining Updates for InstallShield.

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