Debugging LaunchAnywhere-Launched Executable Files

InstallAnywhere 2013

Because InstallAnywhere-generated installers use LaunchAnywhere executable files, platform-specific procedures are also useful for debugging installed applications that make use of the LaunchAnywhere Java launcher technology. Generally, it is simple to alter the .lax file to allow the launcher to always generate output. This behavior can then be changed upon qualification and final release.

To generate debug output for a LaunchAnywhere executable file:

1. In the Advanced Designer, on the Sequence page, click Install. The Install view opens.
2. In the Visual Tree, select LaunchAnywhere action that you want to configure.
3. In the customizer at the bottom of the view, click the Edit Properties button.
4. In the lax.stderr.redirect and lax.stdout.redirect rows, double-click the field in the Value column, and enter the following value:


When you are done troubleshooting your installer, edit the .lax file and remove the debugging behavior.

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