Enabling the Software Repository in a New Application Catalog

AdminStudio 11.5 | Application Manager

Edition: The Software Repository feature is available in AdminStudio Enterprise Edition.

To enable the Software Repository in a new Application Catalog, perform the following steps.

To enable the Software Repository in a new Application Catalog:

Create the new Application Catalog as described in Creating New Application Catalogs, but on the Select Software Repository Location Panel, do the following:

1. Choose the Enable the Software Repository option.
2. In the Software Repository Location field, enter or select the directory location of the Software Repository for this Application Catalog.

All of the files associated with a package that is imported into the Application Catalog are copied to this location. This allows you to manage those files, preventing them from getting modified or lost.

3. Specify the Login ID and Password for a Proxy Account that AdminStudio can use to access and modify the specified Software Repository Location folder.

Note: You cannot use Windows Authentication for this Proxy Account.

Note: The Proxy Account needs full control on the Software Repository Location folder at the directory level as well as at the sharing level. Only such accounts can be used as a Proxy Account to access the Software Repository Location directory.